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 Captain Jack's  Original Handcrafted Pirate Hats



 Welcome aboard me online Haberdashery
I be Jeff  MacKay, Pirate and Hatter. I present for ye the largest selection of pirate headware to be found on the High Seas. Here be the finest authentic, handcrafted pirate hats and cocked hats from the Golden Age of Piracy. Are ye a pirate with a vision? The MacKay can be commissioned for custom work, too.

So t'whether ye be perfecting yer Captain Jack costume, doing Ren Faires, pirate re-enactment, living history, want to be the best damn pirate in yer port, or maybe yer naught but a humble pirate, when ye don one of me hats ye'll feel the freedom and adventure of the life of a pirate. Getting one of me hats  be the best thing ye can do fer yerself, ya Scallywag!

Buccaneer Hat Pin

The Buccaneer Hat Pin. You can choose from White Bronze or Yellow Bronze. The Pin is aprox 2 1/2"x2 1/2" and has a nice weight to it. Each is hand cast and finished. They are $45.00 each and available Exclusively throught The Pirate Trading Co & Captain Jack's Pirate Hats. 

White Bronze: $45.00

Yellow Bronze:  $45.00
Shipping $4.50

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Pirate Santa Hat


Kids Custom Hand Crafted Pirate Santa Hat,   Black Bicorn Style with Hand Painted Skull, Gold Skull Button, Red and Green feathers. Sizes 21", 22', 23" circumference (Please specify when ordering) Allow 6 weeks for delivery.


Why The Long Wait on Me Pirate Hat....

If ye be ordering one of Captain Jack's Pirate Hats Please Note:

Due to the large variety of styles, materials, colors, treatments, sizes and accessories, I do not stockpile or warehouse me hats. Ye be not getting a hat what be mass-produced in a factory overseas. I make all of me hats, me self, by hand, to the specifications picked by the customer using the highest quality materials and old world methods. You have purchased a piece of Living History.
There be about eight weeks of hat orders already ahead of yers in me production queue. Me work be in high demand and there be a wait. I can assure ye that the wait be worth it. If ye have doubts please read me reviews and testimonials, and take a gander at all the pictures in me galleries.
Feel free to place yer order now and present yer crew, or yerself, with a Captain Jack's Pirate Hats Gift Certificate. Yer authentic handcrafted pirate hat will be made and follow shortly thereafter!
I look forward to making yer handcrafted, authentic pirate hat!

If ye be a pirate who can not wait for ye pirate ha,t ye best be looking at our Order Now Pirate Hats.


Jeff & Rebecca MacKay